Maritaş Denim Eyes Regenerative Cotton to ‘Rejuvenate’ the Fabric – Sourcing Journal

2022-11-24 05:26:50 By : Mr. LIANG STEVEN

Maritaş Denim is turning to regenerative agriculture in its goal to “Rejuvenate Denim,” debuting regenerative cotton in its upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

The SS-24 collection builds on the REJUVENATE concept, which consists of different compositions of regenerative cotton and various construction, Maritaş’ previously released concepts including sustainable stretch solution CYCLE-FX and the clay-based pigment collection Terra Denim. But for Maritaş Denim, the integrated yarn spinning and weaving mill said these lines are just the beginning for the company as it seeks to manufacture more sustainable products for its customers. Quick Dry Synthetic Clothing

Maritaş Denim Eyes Regenerative Cotton to ‘Rejuvenate’ the Fabric – Sourcing Journal

The Turkey-based manufacturer believes that its vision for a sustainable future for people and nature is only possible when major changes occur in the development and production of denim that align with current and expected technology adaptations.

The Rejunevate Denim concept fits within this goal, with Maritaş calling denim rejuvenation “a continuing process that triggers the act or process of making organizations and systems more effective by introducing new methods, ideas or people.”

“We believe we can change the lives of our customers, our team members and the world by clearly communicating powerful information, developing uniquely effective products, and strengthening the connection between denim and nature,” said Fatih Kesim, general manager of Maritaş Denim. Related Story Logistics Chain Reaction: ShipBob's Dhruv Saxena on Improving Logistics and Lowering Costs

“This season, regenerative cotton products will be the next step for our future collections,” Kesim said. “The regenerative agriculture not only decreases the environmental impact but rejuvenates the surrounding nature and ecosystems—regenerative materials in particular—as a key part of climate strategies. These types of regenerative agricultural methods build soil health, allowing it to sequester carbon from the atmosphere while also generating other ecological benefits such as increased water retention and soil biodiversity.”

The REJUVENATE concept consists of rigid and comfort fabrics designed to reflect current trend looks. Each garment’s yarn is the key to the collection’s authenticity, producing a vintage orange peel effect enriched with superior hand feel.

Within the concept, Maritaş will augment its “cool vintage” summer jeans, including the CYBELE and FREYA qualities, with regenerative cotton, post-recycled cotton and biodegradable elastane. In combining these fabrics, Maritaş wants to introduce a comfortable, light and soft hand that still holds the appearance of a heavier denim garment.

The collection is enhanced with deep indigo colors and black-on-black colors that stay bright even after washing, including Cosmic Blue, Mithril Blue and Magic Gray, among others.

REJUVENATE isn’t the only offering with the upcoming releases for Maritaş. Additionally, the S/S 2024 collection features the SPIN OFF concept, which will include “popcorn” looks characterized by rough spun yarn with grand slubs, mixed multi-count yarn, soft, authentic performance stretches and broken twills. While feeding the SPIN OFF concept to new constructions this season, Maritaş aimed to produce lightweight products suitable for cool summer jeans, while still maintaining the authentic look.

And while the CYCLE-FX concept debuted with a more characteristic denim look defined by its crosshatch pattern qualities, the FUSION concept is enriched with “summer loose” qualities, incorporating Agraloop technology to refine fibers obtained from agricultural waste, hemp and Naia fibers.

Maritaş recently joined forces with Turkey’s Harran University and local registered farmers to establish the regenerative cotton project. The project will be held in Harran plain in “the heart” of southeastern Turkey and one of the country’s most important agricultural areas, according to the Maritaş Denim team.

The manufacturer expects to farm the cotton in 2023 and produce the collections accordingly.

As part of the project, Maritaş will develop and publish a research report about regenerative cotton to illustrate its findings. The report will research and analyze the best practices of regenerative agriculture, as well as the benefits and challenges stemming from working with the crop. Additionally, the academic teams in universities will compare regenerative cotton with conventional cotton in the report.

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Maritaş Denim Eyes Regenerative Cotton to ‘Rejuvenate’ the Fabric – Sourcing Journal

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